Customer List

Our clients were both from Private sectors and Government sectors and now as shown in the list.

Private Sectors

  • Advance Info Service PLC (AIS)
  • Ericsson Corporation Thailand (ECT)
  • Bangkok Telecom Engineering Co.,Ltd. (BTE)
  • Loxley PLC Groups of Companies.
  • Bangkok Entertainment Co.,Ltd. and BEC World PLC. (BEC)
  • Siemens Limited (SL)
  • Nokia Siemens Network
  • DTAC and UCOM Group of Companies.
  • CS Loxinfo PLC
  • Chaturong Arphon 1923 Co.,Ltd. and Japan Radio Co.,Ltd. (JRC)
  • Lao-Shinawatra Telecom Co.,Ltd. (LTD), Lao PDR
  • BBTEC and UTEL
  • Presssey Corp PTE, Australia
  • Major Engineering Co.,Ltd. (MEC), Cambodia

Government Sectors

  • Army Television Ch5
  • Radio Thailand, PRD
  • Television Thailand Ch 11, PRD
  • CAT Telecom PLC.
  • TOT Corporation PLC.
  • GISTDA, Satellite Remote Sensing System.
  • Parliament Radio Station. (FM and AM)
  • Supreme Commander Headquarter (SCHQ)
  • Custom Department, Royal Irrigation Department (RID)
  • EGAT and PTT PLC.
  • Army Post Engineering Department